LABEL: Sub Pop
NOTES: due to an error in submitting the master tapes to the plant, the first batch missed two songs and had to be trashed, but a number of copies were saved. the boxes and inlays were used for the next, correct batch.
GRADES: Cassette:  NM / Cover: no cover

by Jack Endino. In 1989, after Bleach had come out on vinyl, Sub Pop licensed two of the songs to Tupelo in England for the Blew EP. Two other songs recorded by Steve Fisk were added for this UK-only 4-song EP, now prized by collectors. But… to do this, S>P had to have someone (not me!) splice the two songs ‘Blew’ and ‘Love Buzz’ OUT of the master reels for the Bleach album. Somewhat later… S>P decided it would be worth it to make cassettes of Bleach, so they sent the Bleach master tapes off to the plant… forgetting that those two songs were elsewhere. The cassettes came back, short two songs; and the mistake was discovered to be S>P’s, so the company had to, uh, eat them. They gave away a bunch and the rest went into the garbage. Bruce (Pavitt) gave me a shoebox full of them with the thought that I could re-use them down at the studio. They make great answering-machine cassettes too. It’s just a black lo-bias cassette with the songs (even the two missing ones) listed in that ‘Nirvana’ typeface, however there are no boxes (those were reused).